Our Teams
Community Commitment

Hardball Capital’s teams exist and thrive because of the people in their communities. As such, we believe it is not only a responsibility, but a privilege, to contribute as best we can to the development of community services and resources available in our markets. Hardball's teams have donated and assisted local charities, non-profits and community organizations in raising over $1 million.

Each of our teams also is committed to the causes of education and literacy. Our reading programs include over 300 schools and libraries in five states with well over 100,000 participating students.

Hardball Capital’s teams are also strong supporters of youth baseball. The teams partner with little leagues throughout their regions and administer a variety of youth camps and clinics.

If you have a presence in the Fort Wayne or Savannah Communities and would like to partner with one of Hardball Capital’s teams, please click here to send us email.